VIENNA MASTER PLAYERS  / Javorkai Bruders & Cuturello



The "Vienna Master Players" Trio is a group that was born out of the collaboration between three close friends - brothers Sandor and Adam Javorkai (violinist and cellist respectively) and Sandro Cuturello, pianist and conductor. Each member of the group is a naturalized Austrian citizen living in Vienna and their combined artistic and musical experience which they gained in numerous concerts in Vienna and in regular tours in Asia, has enabled them to merge their inspiration and musical experience into a new project, from which great concision and professionalism, in addition to extraordinary virtuosity is emerging.


The Trio Javorkai & Cuturello: the Vienna Master Players' repertoire is vast, with concert programs ranging from the baroque music of Vivaldi, to classical masterpieces by Mozart, Beethoven and Haydn, through to the romantic music of Chopin, Brahms, Listz and Paganini to the famous Music from Film by E.Morricone and N.Rota up to H.Mancini, to the Viennese Operetta and the famous Walzer of Strauss to the Tangos of Piazzolla, to the ethnic Gypsy music of Bartok, Dinicu and Sarasate to Spanish Music and Flamenco, to the Arias of Opera to Neapolitan Song in original style and all the way up to the most beautiful melodies of the modern era. The artistic approach of the Vienna Master Players is constantly in renewal and evolution. With unrivaled mastery, the "Vienna Master Players" group offers an alternative musical journey, a new reading of the pieces, revisited with an innovative imprint, which from polyphonic language sometimes leads to free improvisation ... to jazz.


The Trio in its fundamental formation, can indeed become a quintet, with the addition of double bass and percussion, as well as further musicians, thus creating an orchestra, with soloists and singers of all kinds. Their ability to communicate, something that stems from their pleasure of playing together, both for themselves and for others at the same time, their sympathy, warmth and closeness that the three masters express in their performances represents a new artistic philosophy, a friendly synthesis ... that has no equal in the world. The „Vienna Master Players“ is certainly one of the most beautiful and significant groups in the international music scene, today.







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